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EdentifID™️ is the most secure, decentralized, anonymous, digital platform that verifies, validates and authenticates a transaction, statement or personal identity without an "app" or third party database that can be prone to malware or ransomware attacks.


EdentifID™️ provides the user a blockchain stored receipt as proof a transaction.

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EdentifID™️ Enables and Optimizes

Digital ID Management

EdentifID™️ provides an encrypted, anonymous and decentralized digital identity using User biometrics.


Digital Access Cards

EdentifID's Digital ID's are the most secure form of identity unlike laminated access cards, that can be lost, stolen, or tampered.

Industry Protection

Automate any industry by integrating our platform to authenticate any claim without compromising the user's database with a third party.

Military and Defense

Use the most secure decentralized platform to authenticate claims, payments, or credentials without exposing "pii" or any sensitive information with big tech (via an app) or a third party database.


Crypto & NFT

EdentifID can be used to leverage the source of truth.

It can be easily integrated to demonstrate the potential value and impact of Blockchain,  NFTs and decentralized credentialing that would be of benefit to the owners.




EdentifID™️ also provides a blockchain stored receipt for each transaction without using a “one-off” database that can compromise or sell the data.

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