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EdentifID™️ is the most secure, decentralized, anonymous, digital platform that verifies, validates and authenticates a transaction, statement or personal identity without an "app" or third party database that can be prone to malware or ransomware attacks. 

EdentifID™️ provides the user a blockchain stored receipt as proof a transaction and works as a QR code that is scanned to identify the users identity.

EdentifID empowers individuals with control over their personal information via decentralized digital ID. EdentifID's proprietary technology does NOT store personal data in an app or database, therefore it is the ONLY platform that gives customers both privacy and security.

Military Grade blockchain security built by a talented team of classified TS-SCI Engineers and Systems Architect


Smart and Secure

The only verification platform that delivers both privacy with military grade security.

EdentifID verifies through an anonymous QR code without pii stored on an app.
EdentifID’s ubiquitous end to end blockchain platform can digitize Passports, Driver Licenses, Permits, Access Cards etc and allows the users have ownership of their own identity to protect their privacy. The most important feature that sets EdentifID apart its proprietary technology using military grade security to “verify without an app or third party” preventing database leaks and cyberattacks.

How it works


EdentifID Facts

EdentifID can demonstrate the potential value and impact of Blockchain, NFT’s, and decentralized credentialing that would be of benefit to the users and owners.

EdentifID Facts

EdentifID can be integrated to leverage the source of truth to verify credentials and transactions.

EdentifID Facts

QR codes have exploded in the last 30 months. EdentifID is tapping into the most important potential it has: verification, validation and authentication.


EdentifID™️ Enables and Optimizes


Digital Access Cards

EdentifID's Digital ID's are the most secure form of identity unlike laminated access cards, that can be lost, stolen, or tampered.

Digital ID Management

EdentifID™️ provides an encrypted, anonymous and decentralized digital identity by integrating the User biometrics on the backend when the QR code is scanned.

Industry Protection

Automate any industry by integrating our platform to authenticate any claim without compromising the user's database with a third party

Military and Defense

Use the most secure decentralized platform to authenticate claims, payments, or credentials without exposing "pii" or any sensitive information with big tech (via an app) or a third party database.

Crypto & NFT

EdentifID can be used to leverage the source of truth.​
It can be easily integrated to demonstrate the potential value and impact of Blockchain,  NFTs and decentralized credentialing that would be of benefit to the owners.


EdentifID™️ also provides a blockchain stored receipt for each transaction without using a “one-off” database that can compromise or sell the data.

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Jill Kelley

Founder / CEO

Jill Kelley is a pioneer in women led technology. She is the first Arab American immigrant and female founder/CEO of a blockchain technology company. As a Lebanese immigrant, Jill has always been intensely interested in privacy and security. She is a zealous advocate of women led and purpose driven technology companies -long before inclusion and diversity was welcomed in the STEM sector. In 2018, she was recognized as “One of the most globally instrumental Arab American women”. As the former honorary military ambassador to our over 60 countries under Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, Jill continues to advise embassies and multinational companies with elected appointments on Boards of publicly traded companies.

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Ricky Armwood

Blockchain Strategy and Analytics

Ricky Armwood has a successful career of assessing technological capability and technological consulting; Currently leading a team at Department of Defense, Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO). Transforming Deloitte’s interaction and work at JIDO through increased analytic investigation, informed decision making and enhanced collaboration/integration via cross functional team building.

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Adam Walker

Systems Architect

Adam Walker, a blockchain systems architect for SOCOM (Special Operation Forces), has 20+ years’ experience in wireless solution design integration and in managing classified military systems. Adam carries Top Secret Clearance (TS-SCI).

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